Dinsdag 1 oktober 2019, Gooiland - Hilversum

Track International | Making Your Own Venture Work (Engelstalig)

Making Your Own Venture Work - tales from a Dutch young (at heart) entrepreneurial procurement professional in the UK. 

Participants will learn how developing a career in Purchasing can take you sideways and into unexpected rewarding detours, how to find develop and adjust your crossfunctional skillsets and take charge of your own new identity buiding. Dealing with setbacks and working in and across corporate, startup/tech and investment company cultures. I’ll draw on both my work experiences in the Netherlands as well as my 15 years living and working in the UK.

And provide of course a little bit of Brexit commentary… brace brace.


Ferrie van Echtelt, MakingVenturesWork Ltd

Ferrie van Echtelt, MakingVenturesWork Ltd »

Managing Partner MakingVenturesWork Ltd

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